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Proper Body Language During a Friendly Encounter Enhances Your Charisma

When interacting with somebody you are acquainted with, you must learn how make a good impression. Your body language would speak much louder compared to the words you are saying.  It is essential to be careful of one's actions towards another, since this may either strengthen the bond or ruin it due to offensive, rude manners and gestures.

Personal Space
Each one of us has his own personal space. We must respect each one's personal space; otherwise it is an invasion of privacy.  A person usually has a large personal space when around a person she does not know, but it will get smaller once he will get to know that person.

Greet With a Handshake 
A handshake is always a nice way of greeting, whether in formal or casual circumstances. Show confidence and interest in the one you are greeting with a firm handshake.  In shaking hands, it is important to make an eye contact and accompany it with a slight sincere smile.  Make sure your hand is pointing downwards, since pointing the hand upward may indicate awkwardness and hesitation.  See to it also that your palm will come in contact with the palm of the other person.  A handshake is also a safe method of greeting somebody.  Some countries find other forms of greeting awkward and unacceptable, such as kissing and hugging.

Gestures to Avoid
Avoid gestures that might offend the other party.  Avoid rude hand and arms gestures such as placing your hands into the pocket or on the waist, crossing the arms across your chest, drumming your fingers, tapping your hand or foot, fidgeting with objects, inspecting your fingernails, and propping your chin onto your hands. 

Also avoid turning or leaning your body away from the person.  It shows that you are very eager to get out of the situation you are in. Watch your posture as well. Avoid slouching or a sluggish posture. It is interpreted as lack of interest or boredom.  As much as possible, do not break the eye contact and look at other objects or people. This is a sign indicating that you are distracted or your attention is already somewhere else.

Show Interest
Show the other person that you are interested in your interaction or conversation by showing signs that you are a good listener.  Maintain eye contact to show that your focus of attention is on that person and in your conversation.  Lean towards him and nod your head from time to time.

Be Sensitive To His Body Language Too
In interacting with another person, observe his or her actions as well. He may be oblivious to his body movements, but he may be telling you that it is time to end the conversation. These are the kinds of people who find it rude to be the first one to end the conversation. Thus be sensitive when you are with other people; they might already be bored or annoyed.

Culture: An Important Factor
Consider also the culture of the person you are conversing with. There are countries with a very conservative culture, especially those in Asia. They may be very sensitive to the gestures you perform. Even if you do not intend showing rudeness to other people, you still have to be cautious of your actions.

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