Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Insights of Charismatic Leaders for Increasing Productivity Effectively

Charismatic leaders are noted for being transformational pioneers based on their ability to execute a compelling plan. Researchers suggest that there is little demarcation between the charismatic leader’s performance and self-image. In other words, they judge themselves by their performance. You don’t have to be as harsh and demanding on yourself as these leaders, but you can adopt some of the strategies of charismatic leaders to ensure that you are as productive as you possibly could be.
Do you aim to boost your productivity? You should start with your goals. Goals are sometimes very simple and sometimes very complicated and hard to achieve. Nobody would ever suggest attaining goals is easier than setting them. But, you need to begin setting yourself on a course to bolstering your overall productivity, if you want a more fulfilling life.  

Using the Charismatic Leadership model, here are a few guidelines for setting and achieving goals for greater productivity, which leads to greater income potential.

• When setting goals for yourself, consider and know yourself really well first. This is important because you should take into consideration your various skills, ability, talent, capacity, competency, and knowledge in achieving or executing your goals. If you run short of any of the mentioned concepts, chances of realizing your goals could be unimaginably hard.

• Being realistic is an essential part of the process. You would not set goals that are too impossible to achieve, right? Otherwise, it is not a goal you are setting, but an impossible and impractical dream, which could only be achieved by mere luck or chance. Being realistic keeps your goals relevant to the people and things you want to effect.

• Make sure your goal is specific. To do so, specify or have a clear picture or idea what it is you really want to get done. If the goal is still too broad or general, simplify it further until you get to the specifics. 

• To maintain clarity and organization, it would be helpful to write down your goals on a piece of paper. In doing so, make sure to include the time frame or when you want the goal to be achieved and what necessary measures you should undertake to stay on course. That way, it would be clear to you how and for how long your efforts in achieving such goals will take.

• Set time frames. If possible, timetables should be imposed. Although you may have to make some changes along the way, it is important to stay in tune with the clock and calendar as you move forward. If you don’t have a start and end time, you may become disenchanted with the overall process and give up. Pacing and timing yourself allows you to stay in the game on your terms.

Charismatic leaders revolutionize organizations by taking the necessary steps to develop and complete specific goals. If you emulate the actions of these leaders, not only can you revolutionize your organization, but your life.

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