Friday, February 13, 2009

You Can't Handle the Truth!

Much of the paradigms, ideologies and purported truths that we hold as fact are often mere opinions propagated by individuals who are passionate about their subjective truths and espouse it with such passion that it makes us feel like it should be true. Emotions roused by these individuals, who are often characterized as charismatic, have nothing to do with objective truth. Saying what you believe with passion and loudness does not make it true. With a greater level of awareness through reading and analysis, this distinction becomes increasingly clear. People, while disagreeing with a point of view, can appreciate the thought and consideration that went into an opinion versus one that has no semblance of logic. The difference between the two is based on how well read the individual espousing the perspective. Religious movements, civil and even human rights come out of thoughts based on popular sentiments. Out of the great thinkers of history like Emerson, Rosseau and Machiavelli, a person begins to gain greater awareness of the world by living vicariously through these thinkers, compounded with various other disciplines.

While it may be the meek that will inherit the earth, it will be the thinkers that will maintain its existence! Individuals who have pushed the proverbial envelope intellectually, have forged the advancement of human kind by “turning old words into new ones” as noted by William Shakespeare.

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