Sunday, January 23, 2011

What Charismatic Personalities Do Best

In reminiscing about the impact of charismatic personalities, an interesting thought came to mind that reflects the greatest attribute they possess. While, remembering various past experiences is normal for most people, charismatic personalities create visceral and long term memorable experiences. An apt metaphor would be recalling the scenes of a movie that somehow captured a past experience that spoke directly to you. Years may go by and certain lines from the movie have made an indelible mark on your psyche. A true charismatic does the same thing. Thirty years could elapse and the exact experience you had with a charismatic personality feels like a recent event. The conversation could have been brief and mundane by conventional standards, but charismatic personalities have the ability to make the most mundane aspects of life exciting. If you were to describe the experience to someone else blow by blow, the person would look at you strangely, attempting to find the punch line. It would be similar to hearing a funny joke by a comedian and trying to recite that same joke to someone who had not heard it. The joke would fall flat! Charismatic personalities create experiences that you have to be present to appreciate. The best raconteur cannot capture the true essence of a charismatic moment.

To be fair, the individual experiencing a charismatic personality brings certain expectations and aspirations to the fold when dealing with the charismatic personality. His preconceived notion about the charismatic personality feeds into the expectations of certain behaviors. If one is already in awe of a charismatic personality, there is little that the charismatic personality has to do, but exist. This is the difference between a non-charismatic personality exhibiting charismatic traits and an authentic charismatic personality. The non-charismatic personality may not be able to respond “on call,” without advance preparation. Contrarily, the charismatic personality merely has to “be.”

By pointing out the impact of charismatic personalities on individual lives, it is essential to give credence for those endowed with this “X” factor. Charismatic traits can be learned, but the true charismatic personality is a product of hard-wiring, environmental influences, insecurities and a keen understanding of human nature.

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