Friday, April 16, 2010

The One Thing That Separates Charismatic Personalities From Everyone Else

Actually, there are a few traits that separate charismatics from everyone else, but we will focus on just one attribute---personal constitution. Many pundits speak about the accessibility of charisma for any individual to partake. The standard platitudes involve standing erect, active listening and smiling. These manifestations of charisma are diametrically different to what makes for a charismatic personality. It is important to underscore the difference between what charismatics are doing and what they are thinking.

While charismatics typically are noted for being extremely passionate about ideas, engaging others through highly evolved communication skills and animation, the core motivation is the fulfillment of an overarching mission steeped within a compelling idea. In other words, charismatics are acutely aware of their goals and aspirations and operate from that vantage point most of the time. While most people operate from self-interest, charismatics are laser beam focused with an almost missionary zeal to their quest. Charismatics’ personal constitution is to use any means for bringing a specific idea to fruition. This level of control could be at the micro or macro level. Whether participating in personal relationships or committees, these alliances hold a grander role than mere human connections. Charismatics do not develop paradigms and live within that paradigmatic box. They create ideas and develop paradigms supporting those ideas. As such, they have accepted the contractions fraught with the changing conditions to meet a goal. As a result, you cannot embarrass a charismatic by pointing out a blatant contradiction. He is well aware of the contradiction and has neatly ensconced it within his long term strategy for influence. A compelling reason for his existence separates the charismatic from everyone else.

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