Friday, January 15, 2010

Charismatic Leadership Isn't Always Necessary!

Contrary to conventional wisdom, charisma isn’t the best solution in every situation. Many commentators on the various schools of leadership skew their research, opinions and recommendations to suit their personal predilections on leadership. While, the Charismatic leadership model is the preferred and promoted leadership model of the Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute, if a Traditional leadership model is affecting positive outcomes, the need for immediate charisma may not be necessary. In this case, charismatic leadership can be effective as a supplemental tool within traditionally led organizations. If an important committee has challenges recruiting dedicated members to carry out the objectives of an organization, charismatic leaders are highly effective in inspiring productivity and loyalty to an initiative. If a special project is being weighed down by employees waiting for management to draw the “Big Picture,” charismatic leaders are brilliant at vocalizing imagery.

Charismatic leadership is one of the only models where sheer tenacity, determination and personality are the intangibles for producing phenomenal results. A “die hard” charismatic is as much a product of a ceaseless need to prove himself valuable as well as a personality quirk. When individuals study to become more charismatic, they are confusing the affectations of charisma with the charismatic personality. You can develop the skill sets for reciting compelling stories, developing a sense of humor, and exuding confidence. But, being compelled to lead a crusade, mission or trail blaze requires biological and environment influences that merge organically.
Leadership models are designed to encourage people to act for the good of the organization with rewards and punishment. Charismatic leadership comes with similar sanctions. But, the biggest disappointment a follower could endure is not meeting the standard of the charismatic leader. Such exacting standards transcend organizational structures.

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