Thursday, April 9, 2009

Charisma: Conceding to Power

Recently, a young woman revealed that she had gained very little by knowing purported "movers and shakers." Her attitude was that knowing decision makers and people in power was a ruse. People didn't help merely because they knew her. When questioned about how she positioned her request for help, she admitted that she approached the situation like most people do, she begged. While some people have become quite prosperous begging, this is not the savviest approach for engaging the good will of others. Begging keeps one in a position of weakness, often attempting to make the other person feel remorseful about your situation. Inherently, people don't respect what they perceive as weakness and therefore treat you paternalistically. The idea is to change the perception and thus reposition the dynamics of your abilities. A more prudent approach would be tying the aspirations of the charismatic into the aspirations of others. Once you figure out the higher goals of the other person, connect theirs to yours. For example, if you were looking for sponsors for an event that you wanted to implement, no matter how magnanimous the cause, the potential sponsor is looking for how the event benefits his company. Find out the company mission of the potential sponsor and tie that mission into what you are attempting to achieve. If the sponsor is a radio station, offer to give a scholarship to a student at one of the universities majoring in broadcast communications. You get what you want through sponsorship dollars and the sponsor gets what it wants through favorable publicity as a contributor to educational causes.

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