Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Only the Bold Survive!

Contrary to popular belief, the people who are often hugely successful in their accomplishments go against the grain. They find new and innovative ways of getting things done as well as garnering attention. In this age of "Done it and seen it before," it is important to break models and paradigms of the "only one way" of doing something. There is a saying that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission. When you ask for permission, you are relying on the will of someone else to sanction or veto your plans. However, when you ask for forgiveness, you have already accomplished what you wanted without having asked. The other person is at a weakness. Now, this does not suggest that we're condoning immoral behavior, but you will get a lot farther in life creating your own path with a mind towards positive outcomes rather than being at the behest and approval of others.

By writing your own rules, you exemplify a predominate trait among charismatic leaders. While purporting to benefit everyone, many rules are designed to benefit a segment of the population. That's why when too many people start utilizing a rule to their benefit; the rule is amended. Rules are kept in place as long as the stated goals are maintained. Rules and laws operate on the same continuum with laws having greater repercussions when broken. Boldness knows when to follow the rules that generally protect the public interest versus those that curtail aspirations. Rules involving social etiquette and public policy should be severely scrutinized. This is not confirmation for psychopathic behavior, but merely opening up the options to play to your strengths and not bind yourself in a social straitjacket.

As you are strengthening your position, it is imperative that you navigate the world as if you are the "center" of it. You are in the captain's seat and all the controls are at your disposal. By positioning your mindset from this vantage, you not only discard rules that are irreconcilable, but begin to rewrite your own rules. At this point, a caveat is important. When rewriting rules, be prepared for the consequences and repercussions that independent thinking brings forth. As you travel throughout the world, you will see a difference in the economic structure of independent versus dependent countries. Those countries that are supported by or are territories of a superpower are more picturesque and garner more resources than countries lacking external support. The dependent countries in their quest to be self-determined have abdicated any form of dependence and have paid the price through rejecting external influence. This is salient for you who opt to pave your own way devoid of dependency of benefactors. By engaging in dependent relationships, it may seem advantageous at first blush. After all, you are tying your aspirations to a policy or decision-maker who can make your life easier and thus strengthen your ability to build clout. However, you have not strengthened your position for longevity, but for a temporary period of time.

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