Monday, July 11, 2011

Charisma for Geeks

In this session, charisma expert and commentator Edward Brown will provide information to those self-described “Geeks” on how to be more engaging in social settings.

Q: What is the biggest challenge Geeks face in acting more charismatic?

A: Actually, the challenge is not attempting to transform a socially inept individual into someone else’s ideal, but to make whatever the individual is, work for them.

Q: That’s very fine and well, but how do you make a Geek, say, become more successful with women?

A: Since, all women are different. The first challenge is to determine what common needs do most women share? Based on my experience, most women want to feel physically and emotionally safe, comfortable with their object of desire, mentally stimulated, and a desire to laugh. If a socially inept person can create his own distinctive style that is not outlandish, intellectually stimulate women, and make them laugh, most of the job is done.

Q: Interesting. Is it that simple to transform a geek to chic?

A: Yes, if we are trying to encourage the person to be authentically themselves in ways that they don’t have to be self-conscious. If you give individuals a philosophy for success rather than steps for success, they are allowed to be creative in the process. They won’t have to think about doing, they can just be. In some respects, I am a geek. But, I rolled my academic proclivities, urban upbringing, and law enforcement experiences into becoming a firm, funny, intellectual. I could not have become a force to be reckoned with by adhering merely to some steps.

Q: Okay. What advice would you give a geek in a business setting to attract more clients?
A: In a business setting, it is important to assess the reason for the occasion and what are the basic needs of the people attending. If many of the people in the room are businesspeople looking for contacts, it is important to determine whether this venue is the best place for what you offer in products and services. Actually, determining the correct venue for one’s products and services should have been established before attending the venue. Assuming the venue is correct for what one has to offer, the task is to casually create conversations concentrating efforts at connecting with attendees and making mental notes about what they want.

Q: What happens next?

A: You’re not trying to make a sell, but merely gathering information and establishing connections. By the time you leave with collected business cards, follow up later with reference to the conversation you had with them. If you heard the potential client mention a problem he/she is having, begin the consultation process by demonstrating that you have the solution to their problem.

To be more engaging, lead with the personal attributes that are the most effective in influencing people.

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