Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rethinking Charisma & Reciprocity

There is an old saying in politics that there are no permanent friends nor permanent enemies, only permanent interests. In love and life, you never give without reciprocity. The notion of unconditional/ unrequited love is a misnomer set up for individuals who don't get what they want and are made to feel good about it.

People generally give for two reasons: To feel good about themselves and/or to get something in return. By second-guessing your motivations and expectations, you undermine your charisma. In most instances, the demand that you put out for reciprocity returns to you regardless of your intentions. A woman who plots and plans to make a million dollars will get what she wants by the moves she makes towards that goal despite giving to charity or hording it all to herself. One must be objective about the process, but subjective about the intention. On the world stage, there are rich misers and poor philanthropists--people who thrive without giving and others who give without thriving.

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