Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Building Charisma Through Reading

The processing of information is as important as the accumulation of information. Imagine a great number of pieces to a puzzle strewn on the floor. The pieces represent bits of information that are connected, but are not easily identifiable. To create a montage from these pieces requires the processing of shapes and colors. This is the same with the processing of information. By taking bits and pieces of varied readings, you fuse seemingly complex concepts into seamless order. In the end, people are paying for the order that you create through the solutions you provide. You can create a monopoly within an arena, because many people opt to defer to someone willing to expend the time and effort to give them expert knowledge rather than seeking it for themselves. Great fortunes and empires have been formed through the apathy of people.

As you increase your appetite for reading, cultivate the interest of multidiscipline subject matter. The vastness of your reading over a large area of diverse information will give you latitude and leverage in developing your specialty. Varied reading gives you a fuller picture of the playing field and allows you to maneuver in relation to your best interest. All too often, it is not the information that a person imparts that precludes their effectiveness, but the paradigm of which they view the information.

Our mode of thinking spews forth in our analysis of a situation. It is a self-fulfilling prophesy to enter a dilemma with very little insight and retrieve the outcome predicted. Once you apply the same panacea to every situation based on rote knowledge, you demean your opportunity for becoming more charismatic. It is only by expanding your sphere of reading that you develop an effective filtering process for ingestion of relevant information.

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