Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Lifestyle of Charismatic Personalities

Charismatic leaders try to become the embodiment of their message and image. They typically are honest and therefore strive for consistency. It is important to them that they attempt to "walk their talk," although this is very challenging and sometimes they fall short. The charismatic leader's lifestyle is often ordinary, not necessarily the excitement that we might guess. It is their simple lifestyle that allows them to excel and become more in tune with who they are. While the more affluent charismatic individuals may have greater activities in their life, they still remain grounded in simplicity.

While married to Marla Maples, real estate developer, Donald Trump, reportedly tried to be home each night at 6:00PM for dinner. Statesman Benjamin Franklin outlined a daily regimen that surrounded work and moderate leisure. Trace the lifestyles of the most successful people and you will observe a pattern of simplicity, productivity and relaxation. It is a simple lifestyle that allows them to excel. A lifestyle that fuels excellence for the individual is the breeding ground for charisma. Abuse of drugs and alcohol as well as an undisciplined life does not make for charisma nor bring about great contributions. It goes without saying that we all have challenges in our lives, but those who persevere overcome these challenges without attempting to abuse drugs and alcohol.

Charismatic leaders maintain a high degree of composure and poise. It is almost unthinkable for them to act contrary to their ideal of themselves. They are consistently aware of their environment and the people in it. They do not believe in "letting it all hang out". This is not to imply that they do not have a good time. That's the fun part of being charismatic! There are more perks obtained by charismatic people than those who lack it. They are often invited to the most popular places, they frequent inner circles that others merely dream about and opportunities seem to present themselves, because of the value they bring to the occasion. They are great to have around! They know what to say at the right time. They move about the room effortlessly. They often add to the ambience of an occasion by making everyone around them feel relaxed with their engaging conversation and light banter. Whether they actually meet everyone in a room or not, they are remembered for being there. This air of distinction sets them apart from everyone else. The magic of being charismatic is the result of a concerted and methodical approach to understanding people.

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