Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can President Obama Lead a "Re-Birth" of the U.S.?

At the end of the day, human nature prevails over lofty ideas, vainglorious notions and religious fervor. Do people intend to go back on their word and show themselves hypocritical? They wouldn't see it that way, because they feel angelic about their sense of human nature or dare I say "delusion" about who they really are. President Obama's call for rolling up our sleeves and taking personal responsibility for the "rebirth" of the United States is ideal, but I wonder if he even believes the feasibility of what he proposes. After all, as a community activist in Chicago, there had to be frustration on his part as to the effectiveness of people who have less "skin in the game" transforming and permanently encouraging the "Have-Nots." I suspect that he opted to become a beacon of hope as an easier means of contributing rather than subject himself and his family to the long, arduous, sacrificial requirements activism often calls for. In the cold dawn of reality, President Obama discovered that he couldn't redeem the people he wanted to serve; they had to redeem themselves. What's different about his role as activist versus his role as president is that he occupies a "win-win" position. If the American people don't do the heavy lifting for their own good, the Obamas won't face the plight of many activists who grow old and delusional from fighting the good fight. With one masterstroke, President Obama has sealed the future fate of generations of Obamas. President Obama opted to do "good and well"--simultaneously. This is the subtext the American people should follow.

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