Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Knowledge Is King

William Shakespeare wrote, "All the world's a stage and we mere players….". Transforming this statement into contemporary usage, we are all playing some role that is either strengthening or weakening our ability to being more charismatic, empowering or focused. Are we the "go to" person when people need information or something done? We have all heard, "Education is power." Yet, very few of us position ourselves to be experts on a subject matter. When we hear of someone purporting to be an expert within a field, we grow intimidated, viewing this individual as being supremely extraordinary. On the contrary! An expert is a person who has a high degree of inquisitive interest in a particular subject, in which she has opted to thoroughly investigate the subject fusing her analysis with practical experiences.

The Oxford Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus American Edition define an expert as "Having special knowledge or skill." That's it? Yes, merely finding a subject that interests you, which you deeply investigate and make some determinations about
makes you an expert. I make this point to tear down the myth that an expert is surreal, so that you can begin positioning yourself within your own expertise. This specialty will be more important in the coming years than it ever was. In the past, you could be a "jack of all trades, master of none" and become the person everyone called on for everything.

However, the Information Age has made general information passé and specialized information more desirable and sought after. Brainpower rules the day, which has truly become a sequel to "Revenge of the Nerds."

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