Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How Charismatic Leaders Lead With Compelling Ideas

Edward Brown, M.S., of Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute provides questions and answers about how charismatic leaders use groundbreaking ideas to lead missions that attract followers.

Q: When you say compelling ideas, what do you mean?

Brown: A compelling idea differs from a mere idea, because it moves you into action. You can let a

 mere idea fall by the wayside, but a compelling idea is transformational.

Q: So, why are compelling ideas so important, particularly to charismatic leaders?

Brown: Charismatic leaders, more than any other leadership model, judge and define themselves by their performance.  To come up with a compelling idea takes a lot of time, thinking and analysis in discovering where voids exist in a system, business operation, or human experience.  Charismatic leaders do not just want to solve a problem; they want to embody the solution.

Q: Where does this desire to embody a solution come from?

Brown:  Often, charismatic leaders have a deep-seated need to be significant on the world’s stage. Actually, significance and recognition is a basic human need, but charismatic leaders have an unusual sensitivity to these desires. Many charismatic leaders suffered ridicule and rejection at an early age, which inspired them to demonstrate to the world how wrong it was to discount them.

Q: Is the compelling idea more about feeding the insecurities within charismatic leaders or solving a human problem?

Brown: It is all related. The charismatic leader felt marginalized early on, which led to a great desire to prove to the world his value.  He sought and found a problem that he wrestled with for some time. Once he was totally convinced of the solution, he became an evangelist for that solution.

Q: So, compelling ideas are a means for charismatic leaders to exorcise their demons?

Brown: We all have our demons. Charismatic leaders have found a way of turning their demons into angels.

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