Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to Make Money From Home Using the Best Practices of Charismatic Leaders

Edward Brown, M.S., of Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute provides questions and answers about how aspiring business owners can make money from home using the strategies and best practices of charismatic leaders.

Q: What’s different about the best practices of charismatic leaders for making money from home than other leadership models?

Brown: For charismatic leaders, projects, ventures, and businesses become crusades. Any money making initiative takes time, energy, and discipline. Once a charismatic leader sets his sight on an objective, nothing short of death will stop him.

Q: Is there a particular method or steps these leaders go through to make money?

Brown: Charismatic leaders typically go through a five (5) step process. This 5 step process entails:

1. Finding an interest. These leaders are introspective and generally embrace compelling ideas that fit into their self-identity. There is very little distinction between them and their product or service.

2. Differentiating between other products and services. Once charismatic leaders find a compelling interest, they research to find out how their product or service will satisfy an unmet need in society.

3. Committing to a specific outcome. Once these leaders have settled on a product or service that satisfies a specific need, they are forever experimenting to find the best possible solution for demand and profitability.

4. Measuring the response of the populous. Once charismatic leaders determine a method for success, they repeat the process tweaking it and building on the foundation. Other products and services are developed from the foundation of the method.

5. Evaluating human nature. For charismatic leaders, finding a successful formula is only the beginning. They are constantly trying to determine what psychological or emotional triggers spur individuals to respond to a product or service. Money is a mere measure to gauge a response.

Q: So what does this have to do with making money from home?

Brown: For charismatic leaders, their home is their personal laboratory to experiment with ideas that lead to compelling products and services. Their home serves not only as a sanctuary, but a cost-effective space to explore and maintain a high degree of autonomy. That’s one of the reasons, great companies like Hewlett Packard and Apple started out in the founder’s garage. These leaders rarely lease expensive space for breakthroughs and experimentation.

Q: So, what’s the most compelling thing about charismatic leaders versus average individuals for making money?

Brown: As I said earlier, charismatic leaders will never quit. Before the roar of the crowd has discovered their product or service, these leaders are their own cheerleaders. The average individual would give up once they experienced hard times and set-backs. The biggest takeaway the average individual can learn from charismatic leaders is to look for an idea that becomes a mission or crusade. Once an idea becomes a crusade, it leads to the development of great products and services, which leads to money.

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