Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Website Helps HR Managers Meet the Self-Interests of Corporate Employees

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February 28, 2013
12:00PM (EST)

Atlanta, GA—February 28, 2013---Core Edge HR Workforce Solutions (Core Edge) recently developed a website geared to helping Human Resource (HR) managers effectively deal with employee relations. Core Edge took a contrarian approach to workforce development by stressing the self-interested orientation of employees when achieving corporate missions.  The website focuses on three elements for HR managers:  (1) An exclusive Mastermind Alliance Group for HR Managers that communicates frequently in an online forum, (2) The IBAR Critical Thinking Method that allows employees to become experts and knowledge workers within their company, and (3) Publications dealing with the latest research on employee loyalty, morale, and productivity. 

Core Edge founder, Edward Brown, says, “It was our work on charismatic leadership that led us to investigate the unfulfilled needs within employees that charismatic leaders are adept at addressing. We decided that we were not going to ‘play nice’ with the core needs of employees who are driven now more than ever towards ‘Rugged Individualism.’”  

Core Edge HR Workforce Solutions is a subsidiary of Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute, which investigates, analyzes, and synthesizes how charismatic leaders think, act, and make decisions about productivity and profitability. Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute was founded in Atlanta in 2002.

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