Monday, November 5, 2012

The Society for Charismatic Leadership Research & Analysis Has Been Established on the Social Networking Site, LinkedIN

For immediate release:                                                                                     
November 5, 2012
12:00PM (EST)

Atlanta, GA—November 5, 2012---The Society for Charismatic Leadership Research & Analysis (The Society) was recently formed as an online discussion group on the social networking site, LinkedIn. The objective of this group is to review the latest reports, studies, and trends on the impact of charismatic leadership on organizational development and politics. Given the closeness of the 2012 Presidential Race, in which President Barack Obama falls under the charismatic leadership model, the Society looks at issues dealing with a candidate’s level of magnetism, public speaking strengths, as well as the ability to captivate an audience’s attention through compelling ideas. The Society seeks to operate as a resource, repository, and advocate for the charismatic leadership model.

The Society for Charismatic Leadership Research & Analysis founder Edward Brown says, “I grew up in a community where charismatic personalities, who didn’t have money, connections, or education, used their personality to influence people.  Recently, I was looking for a scholarly online networking and discussion group for charismatic leadership and couldn’t find one. With Pop culture being the catalyst for all things captivating, I couldn’t understand how a leadership model made up of compelling figures and big personalities was not being included in an ongoing discussion within leadership circles. Hopefully, the Society will open up this dialogue.”

The Society is open to any interested member on LinkedIn. Members are asked to bring insightful ideas and thoughts to discussions backed by documented or commonly accepted resources.

To join or view the latest information on charismatic leadership. Visit:

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