Monday, February 6, 2012

How to be Charismatic to Distinguish Yourself within Your Profession Using the Lessons Exhibited by Charismatic Leaders

In today’s economy, it is difficult for employees to totally commit to a company that may terminate them based on market conditions.  Out of fear, employees may go the extra mile, but look for other opportunities to rid themselves of this fear.  The greatest challenge for corporations is gaining the loyalty employees once had for companies. On the other hand, employees have to distinguish themselves and create an illusion of indispensability.  Charismatic leaders stand out in their profession.  Developing charisma is one way of distinguishing yourself in creating an air of indispensability.  There are few things you can do to enhance your charisma and create a greater impression within your profession.

1.   --  Become an opportunist.  One of the greatest gifts charismatic leaders possess is the ability to seek out, create, or exploit opportunities. By looking vigilantly for opportunities to develop a new skill set, lead a project, or take classes, prepares you to become more marketable in creating interchangeable skills.  In this economy, employees must become self-directed research experts.  By asking and answering questions such as: What trends are being forecasted in the coming year? What industries show the biggest opportunities for growth?  What are your strengths for forging ahead within your current industry?  By having an eye toward developing interchangeable skills, you develop confidence in your ability to adapt to changes in the marketplace.

2.       Create disciples within your ranks.  The idea behind loyalty stems from the belief that relationships are symbiotic and mutually beneficial to the participating parties. In other words, the more value you create for individuals within an organization, the more loyal these individuals become towards you. By fulfilling latent or hidden needs within people, they become your eyes, ears, and mouthpiece within the organization.  By becoming the “go to” person within your organization, you become known inside and outside the organization as a person who can get the job done as well as breed loyalty within employees. The ability to read and fulfill the needs of individuals is a valuable trait during times of uncertainty. Charismatic leaders create disciples by recruiting, grooming, and setting standards for followers.  In turn, followers try to reciprocate by meeting these standards.  

3.       Create a company around your skills. Because charismatic leaders become viscerally connected to their personal vision, they always have their own agenda even when employed within a company.  By creating your own company, if only as a hobby, you are self-assured of your ability to compete in the marketplace.  Consequently, you create a balance of power by having your own corporate entity as you contract your skills with your current employer. Individuals with options think and act more powerfully than individuals without options.  The ability to be psychically free to choose courses in life is the cornerstone of charismatic leadership.  These choices allow for greater creativity, happiness and income potential. By having actual and potential streams of income allow for employee agility and mobility.  Assessing, creating, and exploiting opportunities are the essentials for distinguishing yourself within your profession.

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