Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Use Charisma During Job Searches and Interviews to Increase Your Hiring Opportunities

In November 2011, the unemployment rate reportedly dropped to 8.6% from 9% (Izzo, 2011). For those who were able to secure a job, this was good news. However, for the millions of Americans still searching for employment, the news did not move the needle one iota. The pain and despair of perpetual unemployment for job seekers can be disheartening to say the least. However, there are a few tips and tactics job seekers can enlist to enhance their charisma during job searches and interviews. Although many employers take the “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” approach, job seekers can obtain an edge by developing their charisma. Historically, charismatic leaders have performed best during times of uncertainty.
During job searches, seize any opportunity for personal contacts and connections. Employers go to luncheons, business forums, and conferences to network and share their knowledge. Job seekers, who stay informed by perusing calendars in business newspapers and chronicles for upcoming events, can establish connections by merely going to these venues. Comedic film maker Woody Allen reportedly said that Ninety percent of life is just showing up. Over time, this statement has been transformed to say 90% of success is merely showing up. If you relentlessly show up and creatively engage employers, your odds of landing a job increase.
When making contacts, use charisma and the art of engagement. It is understandable that an individual who has been out of work for a considerable amount of time will not be the most confident and engaging. However, if you are attempting to impress employers, it is imperative that you become a great actor when lacking enthusiasm. People respect strength over weakness and empowerment over begging. Mentally determine that you are in business for yourself and create inexpensive business cards highlighting your expertise. By operating as a free agent, you stress your abilities as a contractor looking for opportunities, which provides you leverage in creating alliances. By asking “open-ended” questions that require extensive responses, as you represent yourself as a problem solver, you create memorable experiences that tap into the employer’s emotions and intellect.
During job interviews, give employers a snap shot of what working with you would be like. When President Obama was campaigning to get elected, he created images that gave the American people a sense of what he would be like as president. Obama’s airplane had his logo attached to it reminiscent of Air Force One. He would create opportunities to go abroad where throngs of crowds would gather to hear him speak creating the image of having Foreign Affairs experience. Every Obama campaign tactic allowed Americans to feel comfortable with a potential Obama Administration. By conducting yourself as if you are already a part of the company (Having done your research about the company), you give the employer a sense of the benefits for hiring you.
Use stories, animation, and passion to persuade employers. Typical interview questions begin with “Tell me a time when you…” prompting you to share relevant experiences that speak to your job qualifications and ability to fit into the corporate setting. By realizing that your performance is an audition for a part in the company, you should make every effort to draw an employer in with your enthusiasm. Many individuals operate at the bare minimum, but energetic people inspire and motivate others toward excellence. By demonstrating a proven track record of accomplishments, you encourage employers to want to hire you as an asset to the company.
During these uncertain times, there are no quick fixes to securing a job. However, by embracing the notion that charisma entails adopting the rules of engagement and a strategic mindset separates you from competitors. Throughout the annals of history, charismatic leaders have used sheer personality, determination, and fortitude to achieve a mission when no one else believed in the feasibility of their efforts. By following the precepts used by charismatic leaders, you can accomplish your mission of finding your ideal job.

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