Sunday, April 24, 2011

Charisma, Discipline and a Balanced Life

By Edward Brown

This Q & A session explores the inner workings of a charismatic person’s mind and lifestyle.

Q: What would be the most surprising aspect of a charismatic person’s lifestyle to the general public?

A: How simplistic his life is. Contrary to popular perception, a charismatic person would rather read a book, attend an educational symposium or visit a museum rather than frequent events unrelated to his mission.

Q: Is this to say, that a charismatic person is not a social animal?

A: No, he is sociable, but not in the way most people would believe. Most of his activities are mission oriented. The genuine charismatic person relishes power and control. He is less likely to attend functions that do not have some connection to his overall goals.

Q: Is this part of the discipline of the charismatic person?

A: Yes, even when he is being sociable, he is exhibiting a high degree of self-restraint and rectitude.

Q: Where does this extreme discipline come from?

A: Extreme discipline is the outgrowth of a preternatural focus on a mission. Along the way, the charismatic person made a conscious decision to rid himself of any ineffective habits, insignificant relationships, and destructive behavior that would prevent the manifestation of an idea.

Q: So, is having a balanced life important to the charismatic person?

A: A balance life is a relative term. For many people, a balanced life may be attempting to have as much pleasure simultaneously as possible. The charismatic person believes the joy of the mission is a reward within itself. And any pain that comes with furthering the mission is worth it. He is lofty and believes a balanced life is for individuals who truly have not found a compelling purpose to live. In the charismatic person’s mind, there is no such thing as balance when one is bringing a compelling idea to fruition. To be successful requires a focus that becomes skewed to the goals of the mission.

Q: Has the charismatic person relegated himself to becoming a machine?

A: Yes and no. He has become as regimented and relentless as a person can be, which may be machine-like, but he is still human. Through the ongoing process of his mission, he has become a political/ business animal with different emotional responses than the average person. He has an insatiable desire to maximize his performance. For the charismatic person, without a mission, life would cease to be valuable.

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