Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Price of Charisma

For every upside there is a downside. In this regard, charisma is no different. While many people pine and strive to be more magnetic, under the guise of being unique, for bona fide charismatic personalities, there is some anguish. True charismatics are highly sensitive and feel the ebb and flow of human nature at the cellular level. Tuning into the nuance and connections with others requires a substantial amount of psychic energy. The passion exhibited by charismatic personalities stems from the energy derived from compelling ideas as well as insights about human nature.

In this sense, charismatic personalities are not doing, they are merely being. To be charismatic requires much more than drawing people in, often it means pushing people out. The energy absorbed by psychically engaging others can be extremely draining. The charismatic personality cannot afford to expend energy within inconsequential venues. Often, non-charismatic personalities believe charisma is about constant connections and being all things to all people. This could not be farther from the truth. Not only does the charismatic personality not desire to connect with all people, he may view his mission as limited to a finite number of individuals. Mentally, his mission is clear and he sets out to impart only the variables that tie directly to the mission. Focused discipline requires that a highly evolved filtering process be in place to insure the completion of the mission. For the charismatic personality, completing the mission is a do or die dichotomy. Nothing is more important!

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