Thursday, February 25, 2010

Charisma: The Art of Speaking with Flair

What distinguishes those individuals who are at the top of their profession over those who, while successful, may not share a similar position? The answer is flair and showmanship! Personalities that revolutionize an industry are those who are able to capture the imagination of their audiences. The late Pop star Michael Jackson, Magician David Copperfield, and animal trainers Siegfried and Roy, are a few examples of individuals who have risen to the highest heights in their fields by being expert showmen.

Like most things in life, people who possess flair are not born but made. The most mundane speaker can learn how to capture an audience's attention by adding flair to his presentation. Here are a few tips:

1. Bring or Create Your Personality on Stage- Speakers are closely aligned with actors and actresses because they are often required to re-create reality on stage for audiences. Speakers who are extroverts bring that personality to the stage. They engage the audience by penetrating their emotions as well as appealing to their logic. These speakers add color and verve to their presentation by the use of anecdotes, analogies, drama, and humor. The presentation takes on a life of its own. Extroverts are often jokingly referred to as "hams".

Speakers who are introverts can create an extroverted personality. The introvert must see himself in a bigger- than- life role by envisioning how he wishes the audience to respond. He creates the moves, verbiage, and nuances that he wishes to become. He may be totally different on stage than in private. Once a mental picture is developed, the person begins to act according to the picture. By inundating the mind with these pictures, the introvert becomes the exciting speaker on stage. You can choose to bring your personality on stage or create the personality you think most effective.

2. Develop Your Own Sense of Style- The speaker who develops a unique style will have a more effective presentation over imitators. A speaker's haircut, clothing, brand of humor, and animated gestures, may become his trademark. The challenge for a speaker in developing flair is to constantly enhance one's true self. It is important to point out that one's flair should remain in the sphere of proper social etiquette. Any persona deemed "outlandish" might have a negative impact on the audience.

3. Develop a Regimen that Enhances Flair- Athletes often take ballet and dance lessons to become more graceful and coordinated. As speakers, the most important part of our presentation is our non-verbal language. Ballet and dance encourages rhythmic flow for natural gestures. For those who can not afford ballet and dance lessons, your living room and a good CD player will do. You may vary voice rate and variation by reciting alphabets or reading aloud from your favorite novel. A regimen helps condition the mind to duplicate the efforts when giving a presentation. The harder one adheres to a regimen to enhance flair, the natural it will become when it is time to give a presentation.

4. Study Entertainers in Different Fields- Effective entertainers and speakers share certain traits. One trait is their ability to "WOW" the audience. Another trait is the ability to produce memorable performances in the minds of their audiences. You expand your choices of speaking styles by viewing personalities in other fields. Your creative energies are heightened by stretching the possibilities of maintaining audience interest.

Creating flair in your presentation is a learned art. A mundane speaking style does not have to be a way of life. If you want to have more dazzling presentations as well as possibly make speaking a profession, learn how to develop flair. With flair, you will talk your way into the hearts and minds of your listeners.

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