Monday, February 9, 2009

Charisma: The Art of Reading People

"He who understands the nature and motivations of people, controls the world." As complex as we purport to be, humans really aren't that complex, once we understand their background and experiences. Generally, we are a mixture of genetic encoding and environment influences. As such, while we may not be able to readily decipher an individual's entire psychological make-up, we can infer some conclusions based on environmental background. For example, what conclusions might you draw if you met a person who grew up in a mentally abusive household where the parents would often leave her alone for long periods of time and had a challenging time expressing love? You might conclude that she suffers from bouts of abandonment and may not feel secure in becoming vulnerable through expressing emotions. In fact, she may not even know how to express genuine love. You may say, how can you make that statement, you aren't a psychologist! Professionally, you are correct, but in layman's terms, I am. If you study anything long enough, you do become an expert. Are all psychologists experts in handling the dynamics of people? Do you know a psychologist whose own life needs counseling? Without belaboring the point, you must become in tune with the machinations of people to effectively navigate your will and aspirations.

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