Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Core Edge Charismatic Leadership Website Helps Visitors Become More Attractive, Fit, and Wealthy

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August 28, 2012
12:00PM (EST)

Atlanta, GA—August 28, 2012---What does charismatic leadership have in common with attraction, fitness, and becoming rich? Everything!  Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute (Core Edge) recently developed a website where visitors are provided a road map for becoming more engaging, healthy, and prosperous. The philosophy behind building the Core Edge website is to take the behavior of charismatic leaders and apply that behavior to help others get more happiness and prosperity out of life.

Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute founder Edward Brown says, “The biggest challenge for Core Edge was connecting how charismatic leaders become successful in a practical sense and transferring that into a skill set. People don’t want charisma for charisma’s sake. They want what charisma can provide in achieving their ideal life. Consequently, this new website is geared to providing visitors a specific lifestyle and mode of thinking to bring that into reality.”

The site allows visitors to invest in enhancing their leadership skills using charisma, and overcoming shyness and self-consciousness.  A 31-day weight loss program is included, and a powerful formula for achieving financial goals.

Brown’s aspiration for studying charismatic leaders came from his fascination with big personalities at an early age. He says, “As a shy and demure child, I saw how charismatic personalities maneuvered in getting what they wanted on the world stage. They didn’t necessarily deserve better lives, they commanded it. My pursuit in this knowledge has been in unraveling the mystery behind charisma and colorful personalities.”

Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute investigates, analyzes, and synthesizes how charismatic leaders think, act, and make decisions about power, productivity, and profitability. Core Edge was founded in Atlanta in 2002.

 For more information on Core Edge Charismatic Leadership, visit: http://charismaticleadership.coreedgecharisma.com/ or call: (404) 767-6592
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